Dec 19, 2014

The Print Club of New York is proud to announce Donald Teskey as the Artist for our 2015 Presentation Print.  The print will be presented by the artist to Club members at a reception in the fall of 2015. This Print Club of New York commission will be a 3 plate carborundum and one plate polymer print of the Mayo seascape, an area located off the north west coast of Ireland

The Print Club of New York was founded in 1991 as an organization for  enthusiasts who appreciate, study and collect all manner of prints.  Numerous events each year give our members the opportunity to interact with and learn from artists, curators, and other important players in the print world.  From the start, the Club has commissioned an annual print for its membership (now 200);   for many this is the highlight of the year.   The first artist chosen in 1992 was Fred Mershimer, an outstanding master of the mezzotint.  Subsequent artists have included Alex Katz, April Gornik, Will Barnet, Elizabeth Catlett, Joan Snyder, Richard Segalman, Chakaia Booker and in 2014 Faith Ringgold.  Many of these PCNY presentation prints have been accepted by major museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Although the majority of our artists are American, this is not the first time the PCNY has reached out to an artist from abroad for the presentation print.  We are delighted to introduce Donald Teskey to our members and to many more American collectors and curators.  Donald’s work, whether painting, watercolor or print, presents a rugged exhilaration of land, sea and sky and a dramatic vision of the power and beauty of landscape.  Much of his focus has been dedicated to the relentless and elemental nature of the Irish landscape and seascape.

The edition of 200 for PCNY  members plus one archive print will be printed by Stoney Road Press, www.stoneyroadpress.com. Based in Dublin,  Stoney Road Press is the only independent commercially run fine art print studio in Ireland. It is also the only Irish member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association, a body committed to promoting the highest standards of quality, connoisseurship and appreciation of fine art prints.

Combining traditional printing techniques with innovative digital technology, Stoney Road Press is transformed with every artist’s collaboration, producing a body of work that reflects the individual skill of each artist.

Donald Teskey is also represented by Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin, Ireland www.oliversearsgallery.com .


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