Weather Gauge

Donald Teskey’s affinity for the ocean and its moods is palpable in Weather Gauge, a new exhibition at The Hunt Museum. He has long been inspired by the sea and captures the essence of the west coast of Ireland in his powerfully evocative paintings of waves crashing against rocks on the county Mayo shoreline.

Teskey is the ‘weather gauge’. As a weather station measures the climate using automated equipment, he witnesses the shifting atmospheric conditions with his own sensory tools. Teskey hears the agitated surf and feels the capricious wind; he smells and tastes salty air and he places it all on his canvas. Always mindful of being in the moment, it is observation by absorption.Teskey’s portrayal of the Atlantic and its environs brings us to an understanding of how our natural surroundings have the power to instill in us a sense of place and shape our identity.