Donald Teskey RHA Threshold 2022 120 x 150 cm oil on canvas

Donald Teskey – STRANDS

NOV 20 – DEC 20 2021 :: Wednesday to Saturday, 1 – 6pm

Strands will feature sixteen new works by the celebrated Irish painter, Donald Teskey ranging in size and medium and mostly created in County Mayo during the summer of 2021.

Rosemarie Noone, owner, Claremorris Gallery notes, “The newness of the landscape to the artist upon his return after an extended hiatus is reflected in these paintings, his eye perhaps recalibrated by the isolation of the lockdown.”

Donald Teskey Ross Strand 2021 120 x 150cm oil on canvas

the way that we went

5 November – 18 December 2021

This new group exhibition presents an insight into the interpretation of the area’s landscape with a more local perspective, focusing on work by living artists from or based in Ireland.

Curated by Anne Mullee

Donald Teskey Now His Days 2010 charcoal on paper 105 x 150 cm
Donald Teskey VI 2000 32 x 38 cm drypoint
Donald Teskey IV 2000 30 x 32 cm drypoint

2nd August – 31st October 2021

Marking twenty years of making prints with Ireland’s leading artists, Stoney Road Press comes to the Ballinglen Museum of Art for an exciting exhibition. 2nd August – 31st October.

Stoney Road Press Twenty Years – A Survey

“Many of these artists have made works with us since the early days,” says O’Donoghue. “We thought it would be nice to invite them and some newer friends to celebrate with us.” The results of that invitation represents some of the best contemporary Irish art being made today.

Print is the most democratic of art forms – instead of art lovers vying over a single work, print enables more people to own a work they love. Michael Canning, Donald Teskey, Barbara Rae, Richard Gorman, Mick O’Dea all have spent time at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Co Mayo.

What Stoney Road do best is enable artists who may not usually work in print to realise their vision, often with astonishing results. From Eilis O’Connell’s haunting studies of the circuits of the brain, to Donald Teskey’s beloved land and seascapes, the work shows the exciting possibility of print.

Meanwhile, the Ballinglen Arts Foundation has also been proving inspirational to artists for almost thirty years, since its founding in 1992 by Margo Dolan and Peter Maxwell. The Foundation’s much sought after residencies in rural County Mayo have supported Irish artists and attracted famous names from around the world, creating fascinating exchanges and new networks.

Opening last year, the Ballinglen Museum provides exhibition space to celebrate the Foundation’s own collection, and host exhibitions such as this celebration of Stoney Road Press and its artists. The exhibition is being held in memory of the co-founder of Stoney Road Press, James O’Nolan (1952-2018).

Donald Teskey, Patrick Scott, Barbara Rae, James Kennedy, James Earley, Monica Lundy, Blaise Drummond, Richard Gorman, Michael Canning, Eilis O’Connell, Kathy Prendergast, Bill Rock, John Fitzsimons, Kelvin Mann, Leah Hewson, Felicity Clear, Brian O’Doherty, Dorothy Cross, Amelia Stein, Mick O’Dea.

All text and images © Stoney Road Press

Ballinglen Museum of Art
/ October 11, 2021 View

20 May – 1 July 2021

Oliver Sears Gallery

Donald Teskey Broadhaven Bay V Acrylic on paper. 76 x 105 cm. 2021

In February of last year, Donald Teskey returned to his studio in Dublin from the west coast of County Mayo after filming for The Works Presents RTÉ programme. He had planned on developing a new series of paintings based on drawings and photos that he had made in Mayo.
No one could have foreseen the months that followed, with unprecedented travel restrictions and the imposition of lockdown.
This strange, unsettling and previously unimaginable period, and eleven weeks of almost unnaturally glorious Spring weather, saw Teskey return to the subject of streetscapes and to the body of work made around the River Dodder that he began in 2018. With the temporary reprieve in the Summer, Teskey seized the opportunity to return to Mayo and, for ten days, refreshed his Winter memory of the ocean and coastal landscape. 
The pursuant paintings of waves crashing against rock came to symbolize the erosion and washing away of everything we know to be true by an immutable force, foreign to us and more powerful than we understand.  In some respects, Teskey has found himself redefining old boundaries, the parameters we set ourselves over time, in order to represent a year of changed living.

National Gallery of Ireland

11 May – 2 August 2021
Beit Wing

Discover a decade of new acquisitions – many on display for the first time – in New Perspectives. The Gallery holds Ireland’s national collection of art, a collection that is constantly growing and evolving through the addition of new works. These acquisitions augment and enrich the collection for the nation.

New Perspectives includes newly acquired Irish art, Western art, portraiture, works on paper, and archival material, featuring artists from Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) to Alice Neel (1900-1984), and Ilya Bolotowsky (1907–1981) to Mandy O’Neill (b.1968) Donald Teskey (b. 1956)

Works selected by Sean Rainbird
Curators | Janet McLean & Niamh MacNally

Donald Teskey Portrait of Lenny Abrahamson 2018 80x80cm oil on canvas Collection of the National Gallery of Ireland

190th RHA Annual Exhibition

20th October – 13th December 2020

The List Gallery Swarthmore College

Spatial Recollections:
Art from the Swarthmore College Permanent Collection and Recent Exhibitors

September 20 — November 20, 2020

Donald Teskey Crum Creek 2017 acrylic on paper 42 x 38 cm

“Several works in the exhibition grew out of residencies by artists invited to Swarthmore from abroad or by Swarthmore-based artists have who engaged in extended cultural exchanges. For example, the small oil sketch, Crum Creek, was created by the noted Irish artist Donald Teskey as part of a plein air painting demonstration he gave in Swarthmore’s Crum Woods during his 2017 residency at the College. Crum Creek offers a point of continuity between the historical works in the gallery’s inner room and the recent works in the outer gallery. By exploring ephemeral qualities of light, paying close attention to his surroundings, and elaborating the plein air tradition in his own way, Teskey creates a vision of nature that resonates across cultures and eras. Spatial Recollections reflects many such collaborations between Swarthmore and artists in communities as distant as Gee’s Bend, Alabama; Haifa, Israel; County Mayo, Ireland, and Jingdezhen, China. Although the pandemic has postponed such collaborations, it offers an opportunity to distill lessons from the past and reflect on values we wish to carry forward.”

The Time Of Our Lives

The last few weeks have brought us, humankind, to a rare inflection point in our collective history. Rather like our ancestors, who tried to measure the future of their lives at the outbreak of World War, we too find ourselves speculating about a future that seems unknowable. So it is to the past that we turn, either in nostalgic recollection or for a familiarity that is simple in its certainty, to cast the anchor and keep our wits. 

It’s unsurprising that more of us than ever now turn to art, music and literature to interpret our new strange daily lives. Hugo Williams, whose poem The Time of Our Lives, has given us the title of our new exhibition says that poets are different because they are inconsolable. They understand that suffering is at the core of the human condition and are compelled to find meaning in the face of this truth. Williams’ seemingly pithy poem is powered by alternating future and present tenses which is an intriguing device to talk about the past; a place where we are having the time of our lives.
We have asked our artists to provide a work of art and if they so choose, to include a few lines of commentary on the poem. We hope you remain safe and healthy during this current crisis.
Artists Katherine Boucher Beug, Sophia Campbell, Michael Canning, Barrie Cooke, Claire Curneen, Jason Ellis, Paul Gaffney, Liam Flynn, 
Sarah Iremonger, Stephen Lawlor, David Eager Maher,
Ed Miliano, Nick Miller, Hughie O’Donoghue, Laurence Riddell, Jeff Schneider, Amelia Stein, Sasha Sykes, Donald  Teskey, Corban Walker, Sarah Walker,  Samuel Walsh, Keith Wilson.