2nd August – 31st October 2021

Marking twenty years of making prints with Ireland’s leading artists, Stoney Road Press comes to the Ballinglen Museum of Art for an exciting exhibition. 2nd August – 31st October.

Stoney Road Press Twenty Years – A Survey

“Many of these artists have made works with us since the early days,” says O’Donoghue. “We thought it would be nice to invite them and some newer friends to celebrate with us.” The results of that invitation represents some of the best contemporary Irish art being made today.

Print is the most democratic of art forms – instead of art lovers vying over a single work, print enables more people to own a work they love. Michael Canning, Donald Teskey, Barbara Rae, Richard Gorman, Mick O’Dea all have spent time at the Ballinglen Arts Foundation in Co Mayo.

What Stoney Road do best is enable artists who may not usually work in print to realise their vision, often with astonishing results. From Eilis O’Connell’s haunting studies of the circuits of the brain, to Donald Teskey’s beloved land and seascapes, the work shows the exciting possibility of print.

Meanwhile, the Ballinglen Arts Foundation has also been proving inspirational to artists for almost thirty years, since its founding in 1992 by Margo Dolan and Peter Maxwell. The Foundation’s much sought after residencies in rural County Mayo have supported Irish artists and attracted famous names from around the world, creating fascinating exchanges and new networks.

Opening last year, the Ballinglen Museum provides exhibition space to celebrate the Foundation’s own collection, and host exhibitions such as this celebration of Stoney Road Press and its artists. The exhibition is being held in memory of the co-founder of Stoney Road Press, James O’Nolan (1952-2018).

Donald Teskey, Patrick Scott, Barbara Rae, James Kennedy, James Earley, Monica Lundy, Blaise Drummond, Richard Gorman, Michael Canning, Eilis O’Connell, Kathy Prendergast, Bill Rock, John Fitzsimons, Kelvin Mann, Leah Hewson, Felicity Clear, Brian O’Doherty, Dorothy Cross, Amelia Stein, Mick O’Dea.



All text and images © Stoney Road Press

Ballinglen Museum of Art
October 11, 2021