From the Archives- A Connemara Folio – Donald Teskey, published 2011


It has been suggested that in the West of Ireland you don’t so much paint the landscape as paint the weather. In his ‘Connemara Folio’, that is pretty much what Donald Teskey has done, and brilliantly. Connemara famously tempts and exasperates painters. It is compelling and beautiful, but the light is quicksilver and never settles for a moment. The urgency and speed of Teskey’sresponses in pencil, watercolour and acrylic paint reflect the nature of conditions and the terrain. He gets the linear spine of the land, the sweeping horizontals, the abrupt verticals of mountains and , up close, of trees and bog-cuts, as well as the rocky interruptions and the undulating sprawl. But in the end everything is energised by light and moisture. Teskey is perhaps best known as a painter of coastlinesand, in Connemara, water is simply everywhere. It’s in the air you breathe, it’s in the distance, either revealing or concealing and, as the great naturalist Robert Lloyd Praeger wrote: “Water entangled in a network of land becomes almost imperceptibly land entangled in a network of water.” In other words, in Connemara, Teskey is very much in his element, and he clearly relishes every moment.

Aidan Dunne    Art Critic The Irish Times


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A Connemara Folio


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A Connemara Folio
November 7, 2014